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Marine individual experience
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1.What illicit character tastes is marine come true with container. The be patient of inside container packs 4 kinds: Carton, Wooden Case, Bale, Plastic Bag, general we use paper case (Carton) . Casket of standard of a 20" can be filled least the goods of 25 stere, what so we go is " spell box " .

2.Of private article declare at customs need has carrier (Shipper) passport and visa (Xerox can) . Generally speaking, private article is not belonged to " deadweight " , because this presses stere,receive freight. For example the pure freight to Toronto is new harbor: $50/ stere (COSCO price, a bit slow) .

3.Current cost rate is: ¥ of every ticket goods 35 (harbor is miscellaneous) , ¥ 300 (declare at customs) , again for example some ship acting company comes to my home load pull arrives new harbor, a stere receives my ¥ 260 (but two stere also with respect to ¥ 300) .

4.To Toronto the freight of every stere is ¥ 1000, every add a stere after, add ¥ 450.

5.For instance I should sit the plane May 1, 2005, then I will make my marine money use on April 5 beforehand (the consignee of bill of lading is me, the friend of a place that the notifier can be me) , marine ETA (predict to reach purpose day) for on May 5. Such, my goods can be mentioned after I leave a plane 4 days.

6.I recommend a company to cry " Hui Hang spells box limited company " , it is generation of boat of a when do container technically to spell box one class. Because,I recommend it is: A. The company that I give before this company has done an electron yuan of parts of an apparatus spell box, destination port is Toronto / Wengehua / Montreal, their cost spelling box is inferior, the representative that is in Canada is stronger; B. They have do " immigrant moves " a large number of experience, say company of other of course freight to also can be done spell box, but what do in the light of immigrant is not much, the representative of destination port one muddleheaded lose money; C. This company headquarters is in Beijing, there all is storage yard in new harbor, Qingdao, Shanghai, Dalian, OK and direct operation, also can accomplish " to deeper hinterland (for example Wuhan) " go load pull.

7.My herein a bit was not become " hold in the palm " meaning. Everything offers reference only. But ask you attention: No matter you look for an any companies to do, examine it please " qualification of representative of freight of one class international " , so called now " advisory company " , " 2 class act as agent " deceive people too much. Identified basic method is to look " Chinese freight weekly " it is had in directory.

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