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Did not let money pay costly excess baggage
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Present mood is very good -- the dress, shoe, requisite, electrical outlet all sorts of converter, books, note, but really same also cannot little, all took scarcely the meeting is wrong, but-----It is a thing much, the package is big also, weight did not have a word to say more, but every airline collects fees to overweight baggage is however never of be irresolute when firmness is needed ah! ! Take bit of save money more with respect to the plan originally, the result pays morely, absolutely bosom is unconscious! !

My numerous friend also its kill experience, and the employee of each airline is a Chinese, why eyeball of be angry and fierce, it is behead people on one's own side, the brethren should help a brethren more, it is not easy to go out more than. Be my brother below is medium action course, everybody can look.

Example: He takes Canadian airline to go Wengehua, held 2 bags in the palm, one is 34 kilograms, one is 38 kilograms, but Canadian airline allows to consign 2 baggage only when consign, every baggage is the case that must be normal size, and every must not exceed 32 kilograms, their collect fees began, computation is as follows (wrap your haematemesis) :

. 100 add money*3 =   of   of 3000 yuan of RMB   is aimed at the 300 ~ that add money this example most the price of firm


(reason: Because every bag exceeded weight, want to exceed to be about to collect fees only, they say this is a regulation, they won't be in charge of you is to exceed 0. 5 jins still are 1 kilogram, although was to exceed 2 apparently, but among them a bag is 38 kilograms, than exceeding 6 kilograms normally, collect fees so by 2 baggage, add up namely of 3 baggage overweight charge)

Beg to death after going back on his word forcedly, because my brother person is senior,get ground, live to resemble rural student, earn a bit after sympathizing with, the following square price clinchs a deal:   

2. 100 add money
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