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Deal with marine note
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As new immigrant, a problem that when going abroad, should understand above all is you have a right, carrying the private article that enter a country for the first time namely is duty-free. If your thing in home is very much, and put in home to feel again very regrettablly, so use marine it is a right choice.

Current, the start shipment of motion company has two kinds of cases commonly outside: One kind is the cubic number that has start shipment. It is 3 cubic start shipment commonly, be less than 3 cubic to also collect fees by 3 cubic metre, 3 cubic metre collect fees about 4000 multivariate RMB (if arrive from Tianjin Wengehua) . Another kind collects fees by cubic metre, namely 1 cubic metre is controlled about 2000 yuan (if arrive from Shanghai Wengehua) . After goods reachs destination, from haven the freight in your home passes cost with a few, still need probably 100 add more yuan.

So, if the thing is much, use marine very appropriate still. Because be like the word that settles down to purchase again anew in Canada, that will be the expenditure with not small brushstroke. And, cotton goods of Canada and plastic products gigantic expensive clinking. So, bring a few plastic product more, be like clothes tree, washbasin, ash-bin. And cotton goods is like a sheet, be waited a moment to be very necessary by the cover. In the meantime, still can take some of medicines and chemical reagents, gift, carpet, handicraft, book to wait.

Nevertheless, dealing with marine when, still should notice: After had talked with marine company, but the thing case that will carry (general paper case is OK) , had sealed with adhesive plaster. Every case wants number and the head that brush wheat. Alleged wheat head (it is a mouth actually wheat is added by the word, this word is done not have in font) the destination that is goods. So, had better write on advocate the applicant's full name (the name of Chinese Phonetic Alphabet that goes up with the passport keeps consistent) the connection address with specific Canada (include name of name of doorplate number, street name, city, province, Canada and zip code) , phone and fax. Because still do not have Canada, perhaps you do not have specific address and phone, so the friend that you had better look for to already was in Canada, its address and phone use him, after such goods arrive, transport company can in time the ground informs you.

In the meantime, offer the detailed account of a carriage article to marine company, and the address of full name, destination, phone (as identical as wheat head) , probably value (if lose, marine company can press you estimated value compensation, calculate with the dollar) etc, want to use English entirely. Marine company can offer your manifest, had controlled this thing and your article detailed account, when closing, entering is very important file. Computational nice sailing date, assure to arrive after you arrive. If marine word, you do not need to take a lot of things, the dress that take a place is OK, the meeting on journey feels relaxed and happy.
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