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Airport baggage consigns total strategy [Germany]
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----Give all friends that are about to fly

Saw the consigns baggage about be in the airport card of a lot of recently. Very much friend has many his bitter experience it seems that. The has not come friends of lane are nervous, it is anxious very in the heart.
The experience of a few myself is below, a few lookout get recombine, if can give you to bring a bit help, that is my happiest thing!

The preparation of 1. baggage
This does not want what to say more, should take what to ought not to take, such card is too much, after all how. Ask oneself to accept or reject, important is, you can take how many thing after all, the regulation of airline must be clear about. Ten million asks to be clear about beforehand. To the friend that comes out for the first time. The individual thinks most the baggage with economic safe safety deploys should include 1: A big case (consign) 2: A small suitcase 3: ?4 of ridicule of post Ju an insect destructive of the roots of seedlings:   post Ao as concubine of an emperor vast male ∈ hold the pocket that? schoolboy can hang on the body. Notebook computer is not included. The thing is bought, ~~~ of cough up of thing of outfit coming home

2. case
The KG number that each airline can bring is not united commonly, here it is with the most general situation only exemple, for instance the company sets, economic storehouse consigns 20KG, baggage 5KG, but first time of student studying abroad goes out close, consigning 30KG do not have a problem for certain, so our weight should basic it is a standard with 30KG, according to my experience, unless touch,go up particularly abnormal fellow, what should exceed only commonly is not much, also do not have what problem. Individual opinion, do not exceed 5KG had better, did what exceed more as to real thing become much how to do? Look downward. . . baggage, this is the actually simplest, the standard of each companies is to want what you take to move you to go up only commonly. Of course the except of old blanket roll of ZU GROSS. Object classmates strongly carrying a plane on big mountain-climbing bag on the back, often see small MM is being carried on the back fast the big guy that catchs her height is thought up close, occasionally people custom personnel of the country has an eye then, don't this search catch? General situation is common or even if a little you install a bit bigger RUCKSACK casually, it is too beyond the mark to also be fastened nevertheless, come down to say good lord, a knapsack 20KG, that cannot pass to close can not look for me. The pocket of the schoolgirl's vanity and schoolboy, informal outfit, choose heavy outfit. Anyway so little minor volume, how cannot also install too much, so never person canal! Good, hold good thing, the back has travelling bag, go up airport cough up!

3. is in the airport
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