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Empty customer firm prepares to disband A380 tries aircraft group and consign cl
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Empty customer firm prepares to disband A380 tries aircraft group and consign client

Graph: On January 11, 2008, airbus company thises in French graph Lu to Singapore airline consign after plane of A380 of the 2nd airbus, this machine sets out fly to Singapore. The manufacturer serial number of this airbus A380-841 that registers date to be 9V-SKB plane is 005. Airbus company picture, photography: S. Ognier

England " flight international " reported on January 23, 2008: After completing main test-fly project, empty customer firm is preparing to disband group of aircraft of trial flight of its A380 plane and these planes to client consign, among them at least one is wear will the Luo Luo that uses at present corporation engine transhipment of through cargo is engine allied company (Engine Alliance) product.

Empty customer firm owns 5 A380 aircrafts that are used at test-fly of research and development at present, among them 4 (number is MSN001, MSN002, MSN004 and MSN007 to part) the Trent 900 that uses collect · Luo Gong to manage engine, another (number MSN009) the EA GP7200 of company of use engine alliance engine. Empty customer firm will withhold MSN001 date plane to continue to be used at test-fly henceforth, and the others 4 at least 3 medium deliver to a client.

Empty customer firm shows, the MSN002 that has finished test-fly job and MSN007 date plane are decorating cabin afresh backward client consign. Among them MSN002 date plane had demolished engine park to this in graph Lu at present (Toulouse) , according to scheduling this opportunity will be final be changed his costume or dress private plane of a VIP. MSN007 date plane will deliver to A couplet chief of a tribe after engine of GP7200 of transhipment of through cargo (Emirates) client. MSN009 date plane proceed airframe / engine interface checks till this year spring evening, after this this machine also will be delivered to client of A couplet chief of a tribe. MSN004 date plane still is holding test-fly position at present, although come from the news source of empty customer firm to ever expressed this machine to will continue to be used at supplementary test-fly item after engine of GP7200 of transhipment of through cargo, but the final utility of this machine has not come down surely.

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