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Boat northwest freight installs check to hunt down ball cartridge of 4 hair for
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Beginning of   spring carry, freight of boat northwest branch installs check personnel to depend on masterly business technical ability and rigorous working style east, danger of carry secretly of the conceal in seizing goods one case is tasted, contraband incident, put an end to the safe hidden trouble in freightage effectively, for air-freight the job provided strong safe safeguard.

Late on January 22, 2008 22 when 35 minutes, the member that security personnel of aviation of ministry of freight of branch of Dong Hang northwest is in watch of the station that install check comes by Xi'an shipment to one ticket of Chengdu declare the name of an article to be: "Capacitor " , " baggage " when content of 23 piece goods is checked, screen check discovers among them image of the article inside content of one piece goods has doubtful point. Requirement of immediately of the personnel that install check opens box examination, classics and consignor spot open box to check, discovery has manufacturing lot number to be inside goods: "96472 " musket of for military use kind ball cartridge 4 hair, of all kinds lighter 6. According to relevant provision, declare ahead of schedule through beard of bullet of for military use of air-freight channel shipment, offer relevant procedure allowing use, and " lighter " belong to dangerous article, air-freight of branch of Dong Hang northwest not acceptance of consignment this kind of goods. The above article of this consignor shipment all is not declaring goods the name of an article, belong to behavior of conceal carry secretly.

After discovering a circumstance, the personnel that install check reported the spot is on duty instantly leader, had made relevant record according to service call, and pursue course by the regulation appear in the newspaper. 23 days of early 8:30, place of security personnel of aviation of ministry of freight of branch of Dong Hang northwest will seize goods, according to the regulation the program turns over airport public security bureau.

(the unit that offer sketch: Branch of Dong Hang northwest)

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