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Branch of boat share Zhejiang is in the country administrative new window is sea
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    " today's conference, we want to see a result, but we pay attention to this process more, the everybody in paying attention to a process the collision of thinking, and spread out from this the manages mode change of hair. " country branch of boat share Zhejiang (the following abbreviation " branch " ) 2008 strategic decipher and beginning of performance agreement colloquium, ma Chongxian general manager checks the branch namely the branch that attend the meeting is advanced manager people made clear conference major idea. 2008, the working key of the branch points to management continuously, carry pair of states the decipher of boat strategy, fulfil " 3 change " , rise " 3 article " , advance " 3 jobs " , promote the management of the branch quality in the round.

Last year, the branch carried out performance agreement to supervise the work first, in agreement in signing, main with a view to makes sure harmony of rank of effective, employee stabilizes sectional work high speed, be in especially the branch is advanced manager (deputy) in the index design of agreement of duty individual performance, particularly outstanding government of branch of a gleam of is changed subtly, gear service system is changed, party group the requirement with incorporate job, design through establishing constituent framework, target, sign carry out, cash allocate it is better to wait for each links the ground drove what annual produced the job last year to finish, majority job is achieved or exceeded T2 target, performance agreement runs a side in stimulative production, improvement effect sees first.

Current, because the branch is in fast hair exhibition period, aircraft group dimensions, scale of production and employee rank grow substantially, measure of corresponding thinking sense, government also got rising stage by stage. But suiting ceaselessly large-scale, big move, in the manufacturing process of big safeguard, still need to update administrative concept to get used to new development condition further. Deepen administrative concept to change, advance administrative method innovation, come from certain level say, had become the branch that defeat solution to highlight contradiction currently, advance a branch the first job of long-term development. To this, sufficient have the aid of organizes the branch transition and the significant step that show stage performance government, raise the performance consciousness of all cadre employee, make 3 pay the concept of firewood thorough popular feeling, real ground system manages in production now in. In the meantime, the decipher of key of strategy of boat of country of have the aid of, establish overall situation concept further, promote systematic thinking capability ceaselessly, condense cadre employee consensus, make clear the development direction of the branch and working key.

On colloquium, the main leader of the branch and each branch were in charge of a comrade unscrambling a country seriously boat the strategic goal 2008 and strategic key, on the foundation of be born of strategy of boat of the country that prop up, made clear 2008 the working key of the branch, wait for respect proceed with from safety administration, foundation management and personnel quality namely, comprehensive tamp each foundation. Through be being advanced effectively " safety administration systematization " , " fundamental management is changed subtly " , " Training Within Industry often is changed " " 3 change " be born, drive actively in order to raise harmonious safeguard ability, perfect and fulfil inside the moving character that accuses manual to be grasper, with " service Olympic Games " for chance, strengthen a brand promotion and the service quality that increase an Olympic Games to serve a product to develop and direct with aggrandizement market, firm is caught add collect the benefit character that cut down expense, final reality is new now the promotion of moving character of the whole in a year.
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