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Ameco and Kenya aviation sign the 3rd landing gear overhaul agreement
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    on January 22, limited company of engineering of Beijing plane maintenance (the following abbreviation " Ameco " ) with Kenya airline (Kenya Airways) sign the 3rd Boeing 737 landing gear heavy repair agreement. This landing gear will enter the arena recently. This agreement belongs to Ameco and Kenya airline to already signed long-term technology to serve compensatory agreement of the agreement. Reached 2006 2007, ameco and Kenya airline signed the overhaul agreement of two landing gear to finish overhaul service successfully respectively, client to the landing gear after overhaul consign cycle reachs mass special satisfaction. The long-term cooperation that both sides heavies repair to follow-up landing gear already reached intent.

Besides landing gear overhaul serves, ameco and Kenya airline also are having long-term cooperation in plane overhaul.

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