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Subsidiary obtains Hai Hang of right of administration of course of Beijing Shan
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Limited company of group of   Hainan aviation (the following abbreviation " Hai Hang group " ) limited company of subordinate aviation of Hong Kong rapid movement (the following abbreviation " Hong Kong carries quickly " ) , achieved the course right of administration that Hong Kong reachs Beijing and Shanghai recently, break at present aviation of this course You Guotai (code of Hong Kong bourse: 0293) what play Dragon Air monopoly with the banner is old have a situation, become inland and Hong Kong the new person that round of course is benefited openly.

The Beijing that Hong Kong carries place is obtained quickly and Shanghai course, daily each have two flight numbers, the airliner throws operation the most quickly at beginning by this year March. Hong Kong carries president Cai Maosheng expresses quickly, open these two course, just about the target that this company grows this year. The aircraft group that Hong Kong carries quickly, own plane of 4 Boeing 737-800 at present, 6 airplanes that are the same as a type will be added again inside year.

The predecessor that Hong Kong carries quickly is the harbor couplet aviation that held water 2004, and the scheduled flight that 2005 metaphase begins operation to go back and forth between outback city, at present the destination of domestic line, include Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Chongqing, Nanjing, Ning Bo, Xi'an and Guiyang. September 2007, opened Bangkok, Burmese He Jilong slope course. At present this company bets Wang Hehong 燊 and Hainan aviation by Macao (Shanghai bourse code: 600221) collective hold.

Basis last year in December, hong Kong opens the memorandum book of outback aviation market further with what inland signs, 2009 before the Spring Festival, 7 busy airports regard Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Kunming, Dalian, Chengdu as carrier, each can appoint 3 passenger transport and two freight airline to manage. 2009 after the Spring Festival, can increase a passenger transport and airline of a freight again.

Sea boat group to cast off the identity of local airline, strive expands international line. Besides 2006 the end of the year becomes a shareholder Hong Kong carries quickly airline, also issue empty company of big Xin Huahang to buy Hong Kong aviation through the banner (predecessor is in Fu Hang is empty) 45% equity, the boat that gets flying to Taiwan thereby counterpoises.

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