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Chengdu double shed an International Airport spring carry the first day of arran
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Chengdu of   xinhua net on January 23 special telegram: 23 days are carry of civil aviaton spring the first day, one of hubs of aviation of ministry of Chinese and Western Chengdu double shed an International Airport this day to be arranged in all work overtime 20 sortie, send a guest 2. 20 thousand person-time, the passenger gives harbor number relatively last year spring carry the first day many a 2500 much person-time.

According to Chengdu double shed International Airport party to do chief Lv Junming to introduce, 23 days, double shed an International Airport to schedule scheduled flight of harbor of pass in and out in all 458 sortie, work overtime among them 20 sortie, charter flight 8 sortie, give harbor number to make an appointment with 22 thousand person-time. Fall since the airliner than last year spring carry the first day many give 32 sortie, the passenger leaves a port the number is much also a 2500 much person-time. Before entering a harbor airliner to be compared 10 days many 50 more than sortie, passenger handling capacity rises steadily.

According to introducing, at present Chengdu leaves a port the main line with relatively taut airline ticket is to come 3 inferior, and other places of Shenzhen, Beijing, Urumqi, head for especially 3 inferior airline ticket is very fast spruce, need when there just is a bill after 26 days, and all be total value, and Spring Festival period of time is headed for 3 inferior airline ticket already made work to first 4 later. In addition, although the airline ticket of past Shenzhen, Beijing, Urumqi before near future Chengdu can be bought that day, but all be total value. And at present Chengdu comes the airline ticket of the city such as Lhasa, Shenyang, Kunming, Li Jiang is opposite relatively comfortable, can buy 5 to 7 lose the airline ticket that differ. The overwork airliner of the airport basically puts in at at present passenger flow relatively centralized city or area.

Chengdu double stream the International Airport is in since 23 days await machine building B, C to point to corridor, new installed the guest that has 7 services personnel to guide by information desk, provide a service for the passenger.

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