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Ground of boat southwest branch serves the country ministry week close array pre
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    2008 spring movement job will pull open heavy curtain on January 23, after regarding an organization as transition first test, ground of boat southwest branch serves the country ministry (the following abbreviation " the ground takes a department " ) to 8 years spring carry this " open the service of the bureau " gave sufficient preparation.

Good to be done seriously spring carry works, improve service quality, the ground took a ministry to establish what with general manager Shi Jian of Zhao of secretary of Zhang Hong, Party committee is a group leader spring carry heads a group, each management that belongs to to place supported branch, each center to undertake arousing, allotted " the ground takes a department 2008 program of Chun Yunbao block " , raise 12 requirements: Requirement each unit wants to combine the ground to take a ministry to undertaking " 100 days of safe contest " , " carriage service is special punish " and " baggage serves special punish " relevant requirement, strengthen constituent leader energetically, aggrandizement safety manages and serve consciousness, ensure on schedul of clearing safety, airliner and high quality service; After asking new constituent framework moves, cadre employee is sure to enter a part as soon as possible, be familiar with and master flow of new station job duty, work and business norm, be sure to hold to thought, job, energy " 3 reach the designated position " , because factitious reason causes airliner incur loss through delay,put an end to; The requirement ensures a center to want the side focal point according to oneself each, right spring the circumstance that carries the likelihood in the job happens and issue are early think, communicate early plan, early, early array, should comb the meet an urgent need that serves a ministry to produce station to each from the ground to deal with period of time of the passenger group of the key link that flow, requirement ensures to the spot, key, key undertakes the key pays close attention to, each management supports a branch to want to cooperate closely, assist actively, develop integral linkage, ensure the spot is produced; Requirement each unit should strengthen professional ethics education, characteristic of combinative spring carry, put an end to stoutly seek with the ticket illicit, all sorts of normative collecting fees, correct industry unhealthy tendency stoutly; Atmosphere of the company culture during requirement each unit wants watchful spring to carry, traditional culture is built, in roll out while characteristic serves, capture spot news window, do good press work; Requirement each unit should appoint person specially assigned for a task to be opposite spring the data of carry has statistic and appear in the newspaper on time, each unit administration duty is responsible to the data result that appear in the newspaper, data must accurate, seasonable; In the meantime, the ground takes a ministry to still organize function branch to lay in the job to wait to articles for use of spot facilities facilities, car, air defence, business had special inspection and complement.
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