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Capital airport elects benefit civilian act again -- buy special purchases for t
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  as spring the beginning of carry, the passenger flow of Beijing capital International Airport also increases gradually. Spring the passenger flow of harbor of pass in and out of International Airport of capital of carry head day is close to 150 thousand person-time, predict in Feburary 3, 4, International Airport of 5 days of capitals will greet guest to shed height day passenger flow to will achieve 180 thousand person-time. Offer to give broad passenger more comfortable and convenient seize the opportunity environment, the multinomial safeguard measure that capital International Airport publishs ensures the normal operation of the airliner. In the meantime, be aimed at spring the characteristic that consumer increases considerably during carry, in lengthen commercial shop business hours while, still prepared large quantities of special purchases for the Spring Festival offers broad passenger choose and buy. For redound broad passenger is opposite the support of capital International Airport, capital International Airport still was rolled out shop full 98 yuan have an opportunity to win large award of 4999 yuan of cash namely. This also is afterwards of capital International Airport was rolled out last year coessential, with valence, after serving acceptance with category, another makes benefit broad the passenger's act.

As we have learned, it is early before Chun Yunzhi enterprise of many 90 of Beijing capital International Airport retail, meal is purchased large quantities of special purchases for the Spring Festival offers broad passenger choose and buy, these storefront almost include all commerce inside capital International Airport. From last year on August 29, capital International Airport rolled out the collective guideline that aims to promote passenger satisfaction to spend. Among them, acceptance of the trade of capital International Airport, meal is accomplished stage by stage with city inside coessential, with valence, to the end of last year capital International Airport shares 8600 kinds of commodity and 248 kinds of eat to feed finished depreciate, accomplished with city inside coessential, with valence. This capital International Airport buys the goods of special purchases for the Spring Festival that purchase for convenient passenger, following the coessential, service commitment that is the same as valence as before. This capital International Airport rolls out benefit civilian measure again, for redound broad passenger is opposite the support of capital airport, capital airport still begins from January 23, roll out " ' several ' (rat) win the 10 or 20 days following Lunar New Year's Day, cash to send you " lottery activity, every is inside capital International Airport meal, retailing shop (except of Buck of the storefront inside international segregation area, Kendeji, star) consume odd Zhang Xiao the bill is full 98 yuan passenger, can obtain gain the chance that takes cash large award. This second activity is highest bonus is a RMB 4999 yuan, the activity is adopted blow the form that gets namely namely, besides 4999 yuan cash large award, set additionally still tens of thousands of cash small prize. As we have learned, the activity begins to 3 lucky passengers won 4999 yuan cash large award that day. This mobile general is perforative and whole the Spring Festival, will end to Feburary 15.
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