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Incur loss through delay of airliner of holiday of Russia airline New Year will
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Network of   Russia news is Muscovite on January 23, 2008 report: Although fortune of New Year holiday records the incur loss through delay of a few airliners of Russia passenger, but airline is not afraid because of these error be penalized. · Ba Chulin shows Buddhist nun of root of husband of come into leaf of sign of office of Russian Federation aviation 22 days, this branch does not plan to weave blacklist is mixed to violating compasses just father impose restriction. According to Russia " independent newspaper " report, potential passenger just hopes to be in next time " 51 " this kind of manner won't bring about long false carriage fastigium airliner again large quantities of incur loss through delay.

The Russia that decides to enjoy airline to serve when new old holiday a lot of passengers are forced because of the airliner incur loss through delay and stop in the ground, suffer await a long time. In the meantime, ba Chulin believes, abide by material of count of case of schedule of flight of New Year airliner " confirm sex of discipline of civil aviaton air man increases somewhat " , and airline acceptance of consignment plans to be carried out badly. He thinks, the good progress state that aviation carries and prohibit sexual measure is concerned. Arrange of Russian Federation aviation is aimed at most despiteful is violated compasses just adopted these precautionary measures. But, clearly, takes step is not quite significant, because include again in these companies when New Year holiday,violate compasses square. According to material of statistic of Russia travel alliance, be in this violate record-breaking is empty company of carat Si Hang on compasses frequency (KrasAir) . Of airliner of incur loss through delay still have VIM-Avia airline, Interavia airline, Duomojieduowo airline (Domodedovo Airlines) wait with Siberia airline.

In the meantime, ba Chulin thinks, airline is treated very responsibly fulfill passenger job new regulation to provide food and hotel room according to demand. But, the information that releases on numerous travel forum through reading a passenger believes with respect to enough, this is not complete and such.

In the meantime, he admits, receiving " 51 " in the preparative work of fastigium of passenger flow length a holiday, will consult circumstance of acceptance of consignment evaluates a result during New Year. Will undertake proper modification to regulation of acceptance of consignment. The responsibility of the necessary information that passenger of direction of acceptance of consignment provides takeoff time of airliner incur loss through delay will be regulation of revises acceptance of consignment in most " apparent " a.

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