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Country boat Zhejiang spring during carry around " come home " do good servive r
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    " I am sorry, gentleman, your baggage norms exceeds the level of 20x40x55, inconvenience puts engine room, bother you to fill to value opportunity office do baggage to consign formalities! " on January 23 morning, spring movement job is started formally, the International Airport awaits Hangzhou desolate hill inside machine building, the Chun Jun of staff member Shao of room of service of passenger of boat Zhejiang branch is following the country courteous and enthusiasticly passenger of a return to one's native place does good explanation servive routine. As we have learned, because the country is answered before boat Zhejiang branch spring carry did a large number of meticulous and considerate preparation to work, spring carry head day, airliner of boat Zhejiang branch runs the country each link move normal and orderly, for whole Chun Yunyuan the full fare that finish ensured the job to open good head.

  Plan market, strive for a guest I double win

"Because begin to execute this year,have a holiday newly system: The New Year's Eve has a holiday, ' 51 ' the golden week cancels. So, this year spring the passenger flow of carry will be opposite more concentration, laborer shedding, student shedding starts tide of return to one's native place ahead of schedule, brigade tourist sheds concentration. To how be being hit good spring carry battles this, help passenger transportation satisfactorily guarantee the job already, what achieve beneficial result again is the biggest change, it is us spring the key task that carry works. " the Xu Junhong of vise general manager of boat Hangzhou business ministry tells the country the author, be aimed at the market characteristic this year, boat Hangzhou business ministry strengthens the country survey of early days market, combine province spring carry to do the data analysis with passenger transport of in former years, coordinate each actively to concern an unit, science is made course works overtime this year plan. Predict 8 years spring during carry, boat Zhejiang branch will carry out the country scheduled service airliner 3709, than 7 years Chun Yunzeng works overtime 74; Work overtime 276, go up compared to the same period year increase 161. Flow in the laborer relatively southwest direction of concentration and travel to go relatively the direction of heat increased to work overtime quantity, specific overwork line includes Hangzhou to reach Chengdu, Xi'an, Chongqing, Changsha, Wuhan, Guangzhou, Kunming, 3 inferior, Harbin. Among them charter flight Hangzhou -- Hong Kong course 12, above works overtime each the quantity has than 7 years of Chun Yunjun relatively increase substantially. In the meantime, ship aircraft maintains the country base prepares early also, had big check to the plane ahead of schedule, ensure the oldest utilization rate of transport power.

  Against a rainy day, pay close attention to passenger demand

Safety is the greatest service. Spring before carry, requirement of branch of superior of union of boat Zhejiang branch developed the nation seriously safe examination works, post of each relevant unit union, be aimed at spring the work that the season of carry began many sided, department of flight of branch of Zhejiang of the boat that be like a country emphasizes defending the value that puts deice on the ice for many times, appear to southern part area thunder phenomenon, strengthen in time defend the be struck by lightning, education that circles flying thunderstorm; Ground service ministry has been aimed at baggage of year of passenger coming home to slant much phenomenon, strengthen job of check is big baggage, not only make the passenger can consign baggage in time, do not affect on schedul, avoid occurrence concealed to hold an issue at the same time, assure to deserve to hold balance security; Plane maintenance base does good Spring Festival this station, outside station of maintenance technician be on duty arrangement, ensure overhaul force reach the designated position at any time.
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