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F16 intercept illicit enters territorial air small plane two foreigners are aide
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The private plane that   comes from Thailand the day before yesterday (22 days) without allowing, enter Singapore territorial air, encroach the line of defence in sky. Singapore air force (Republic Of Singapore Air Force) dispatch immediately two F-16 battleplan enters the space intercept. Bureau of Singapore civil aviation (Civil Aviation Authority Of Singapore) also shut territorial air 50 minutes, cause rise and fall of flight incur loss through delay many times, among them time of flight still must be in Er of Si Mei of Yi of Sudan of Malaysia new hill International Airport (Johor Bahru Sultan Ismail International Airport, international aviation carries association code: JHB, code of international Civil Aviation Organization: WMKJ, weigh Senai International Airport again, person it is an International Airport) descend.

Preaccident of this infrequent aircraft of battleplan intercept business day evening 6 when happening of 42 minutes of left and right sides, those who enter territorial air is Saisina (Cessna) 208 model light plane of multipurpose of eddy paddle type, can carry 9 to 14 people.

According to knowing, this plane is from island of Su Mei of Thailand travel bethel (Koh Samui) take off, air man and flight engineer are a foreigner.

Singapore department of defense says, below intercept of two F-16 battleplan and send under escort, the plane that this illicit enters territorial air is in appropriate of Singapore camphor tree International Airport (Singapore Changi International Airport, international aviation carries association code: SIN, code of international Civil Aviation Organization: WSSS) descend.

The airlines lowers after land, air man is taken away by police immediately. When police sufferred ask yesterday, express, investigation returns afoot, had not arrested anyone.

Authorities is from the dusk 7 when territorial air is shut since 10 minutes, in the evening 8 when new and open, cause 16 times touch area regular air service and 6 times of takeoff flights by incur loss through delay 15 to 40 minutes. And decide formerly in the evening 8 when arrival Brunei is royal airline (Royal Brunei Airlines) the flight also is forced descend Yi of Sudan of Malaysia new hill Simeier International Airport, a hour hind stays over, in the late evening 10 when appropriate of return camphor tree International Airport.

4 years ago, singapore ever also produced private plane illicit to enter territorial air event. Portuguese registered Saisina is small-sized plane because of electric power breakdown enter territorial air by accident. Singapore air force dispatchs intercept of two A4 Tian Ying battleplan, let it amount to the airport in Singapore fact (Singapore Seletar Airport, international aviation carries association code: XSP, code of international Civil Aviation Organization: WSSL) descend, air man of 61 years old by the get-off after police interrogate.

Start in the United States from terrorist " 9 · 11 " after horrible assault, each national capital that includes Singapore inside strengthens territorial air to defend.
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