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Branch of boat share Inner Mongolia starts the country 8 years in the round spri
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    on January 23, branch of boat share Inner Mongolia starts the country in the round spring carry works. Country branch of boat share Inner Mongolia spring preparation of in advance of group of movement job leader, be aimed at Chun Yunhang is empty this year characteristic of passenger transport market, allocate from airliner transport power, the side such as moving service of flight safety safeguard, production is right spring movement job undertook integral deploy, measure, designedly advances Chun Yunsheng to produce the job, to ensure the passenger spends a happy and auspicious Spring Festival, lay good foundation.

As we have learned, to satisfy demand of market of aviation passenger transport, branch of boat share Inner Mongolia increases the country the analysis of demand of pair of aviation market passenger, according to data of the corresponding period of in former years, consider job of Wu of flight, cabin, machine integratedly to wait for relevant element, will come on January 13 on March 2 spring the job during carry differentiates for 3 phase, before be aimed at the Spring Festival, during the Spring Festival, the one-way sex with each apparent course after Spring Festival holiday, increase the airliner density of the course inside the area, more than 330 increase on the foundation of original operation airliner inside the area. Among them, be in only Huhhot -- Beijing -- Huhhot, Baotou -- Beijing -- more than 120 increase on the course of Baotou, make Huhhot -- the major gold hour that the airliner hour of Beijing covered early, medium, evening, provided very advantageous and full change trains time to carry the passenger of Beijing change trains. In the meantime, enlightened Huhhot -- Chengdu course, every week one, 3, 5, 7 execute a flight number going there and back; Huhhot draws Er line to the sea, every week one, 3, a flight number going there and back increases on the 5 foundations in original scheduled flight.

Airline ticket is bought during the Spring Festival for convenient passenger, branch of boat share Inner Mongolia increases the country strength of class of platoon of salesperson mount guard, in each sale the site adds sale window, face each old hotel accredits person specially assigned for a task to be in charge of selling, particularly enlightened ticket of 24 hours of carry out seeks advice from a hot line. Passenger not only can inquire airliner hour, fare through the hot line directly, sale personnel still can give a demand specificly in the light of each passengers, a travel line that provides economic material benefit for the passenger is referenced. Make the passenger goes out when travel, in be at ease, satisfactory while, the Shu Xin that boat of times move nation serves, one's mind disturbed.

Meanwhile, each unit of requirement of branch of boat share Inner Mongolia is in the country spring case head always holds during carry, fulfil what share of boat of total bureau of Chinese civil aviation, country puts forward to concern a requirement in the round, combine oneself job characteristic, the member that do education of the safety before good red-letter day and watch is arranged, there cannot be the slightest amount or degree on secure job laches and paralytic, concentrated force quantity has been caught spring the secure job during carry. Branch each unit wants the actual condition do according to one's abilities that the basis works, avoid the appearance that occurrence excess load runs, accomplish the job, energy, thought 3 reach the designated position.
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