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Love mom braids children of sweater Gu incomplete this winter no longer cold
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    on January 23, 2008, 6 love mom run bureau atmosphere center on behalf of Xinjiang sky (the following abbreviation " center " ) head for center of Urumqi children welfare, the donation that played love mother ceremony. This the activity is You Hengyuan auspicious (group) limited company and the Women's Federation of The Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region are connected and hold " Heng Aihang is moved, Heng Yuanxiang seeks father and mother of 1 million love, children of the incomplete that it is Gu braids sweater activity " . According to the leader introduction of children welfare courtyard: Welfare courtyard has children of incomplete of many 300 Gu, among them deformity children is occupied 86% . "Can put on the sweater that mom braids with one's own hands, it is the biggest happiness in life of childhood of a lot of people. " today, in cold winter, children put on the sweater that mom braids, this winter no longer cold.

Be in early in November 2007 the middle ten days of a month, huang Ping of secretary of central Party committee from " Urumqi evening paper " go up after be informed this one activity, contact actively with the newspaper office, guide in hers below, central workingwoman appoint issue a proposal -- " the sweater that braids with one's own hands with you, children of the incomplete that it is Gu sends the real situation of the warmth of big family and world; Let us a love to Gu incomplete children, knit stitch a gleam of, blend in warm in warm sweater; With posse round wool, braid interior care, obstruct freezing descent for them, ignite the passion that they live! Ignite the passion that they live!!

Initiate those who got central female worker to support energetically, early or late 11 female workers attend to come in the activity, huang Ping's secretary and discipline appoint clerical Wang Chungong is lead one's men in an act more. Everybody uses the job, disregard the working fatigued, ache that overcomes cervical vertebra, the time that uses a month braids the sweater that gave 13 to be full of love. Not only such, they still stayed to send word sweetly to children -- " the child, I hope you are firm, the pillar that effort study will become the motherland " , " you are not in the child alone, because had mom's care, you thrive " . Today, the sweater that should see oneself are braided is worn was in on the body of children, see sweet smile is shown on the child's face, each mom is excited the mood is self-evident.

Grant person rose, the hand leaves lingering fragrance. Although everybody is done not much, but see children's happy smiling face, everybody felt the biggest heart console. Wish children grow in the health in socialistic big family.

(the unit that offer sketch: Xinjiang sky runs bureau atmosphere center)
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