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"Na Hang goes - happy golf " the formula upgraded in the round 2008
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What recreation is there during   Spring Festival? Why to play dozen of golf? 2008, boat bend force upgrades south " Na Hang goes - happy golf " product, after upgrading " happy golf " the 46 exercises field of 35 cities of whole nation of product general radiate, the passenger does not accept restriction of airliner cabin seat or berth, need only by boarding check of flight number of Na Hang home, can choose freely " happy golf " product, enjoy the travel of exalted high ball.

Tall cabin passenger is obtained give golf the experience

2008, every buys the fare of first-class stateroom cabin of flight number of Na Hang home or official cabin cabin seat or berth, the lever of brandish of 100 high ball that can choose Na Hang to be given freely namely experiences, or the experience of staff of high ball brandish of a hour. This year, the exercise field that cooperates with Na Hang enclothes 35 towns of domestic in the round field of 46 high ball, pervade Ma of Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Beijing, Shanghai, Kunming, Tianjin, Chongqing, Qingdao, Shenyang, Urumqi, Huhhot, carat is depended on wait for a city. The passenger need not accept any cities and the restriction of the area that buy a ticket completely, the be fond of that needs him basis only and convenient situation will choose proper exercise field, can the brandish lever of relaxed freedom at field. The passenger needs to shift to an earlier date only 2-3 day calls service business to engage brandish lever date, time, by oneself Id is reached register at exercise field when second airliner boarding check use can.

Formula of overflow high ball passes on a passenger

The passenger that supports Na Hang to let more care enjoys the fun of golf, "Happy golf " the product still will roll out overflow formula, pass on broad passenger. The passenger of common to buying flight number of Na Hang home cabin seat or berth, without giving thought to fare discount discretion, need only by Na Hang 2008 boarding check of domestic flight number, OK and free choose and buy " Na Hang goes - happy golf " a variety of overflow formulas that the product provides. If ¥ can be obtained 99 yuan,give content to include lever of a ball, practice the overflow formula of jewel of a cap of experience of field brandish staff, one head, knowledge, let a passenger experience with adv unimaginably privilege " fly " general high ball fun, experience the surprise that golf brings. More overflow formula information can call Na Hang inquiry of 020-95539 of hot line of service of 5 stars diamond.

The passenger is bought " Na Hang goes - happy golf " formula product is very convenient and quick. It is to be able to dial Na Hang 5 stars diamond serves hot line 020-95539 or golf serves 400-8848-000020-34331128/34331138 of special railway line, OK also inquiry of booking office of directly under of the boat austral nearby choice is bought. The passenger needs to shift to an earlier date only 2-3 day calls service business to engage brandish lever date, time, exercise field can be headed for after affirming via serving trader to the top of one's bent brandish lever. Take Na Hang scheduled flight, all enjoy the travel of happy high ball.
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