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Belgium shortens visa of personnel of Chinese business affairs extends time
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According to Belgium diplomacy and external the news announcement that website of government of economic collaboration ministry will publish on October 10 says, since October 9, belgian government will shorten greatly personnel of Chinese business affairs goes to Belgian short-term visa (3 months less than) application time, business affairs visa can be obtained the most quickly inside 3 weekday.

To implement new fast visa measure, begin from October 9, 2006, belgium is stationed in Beijing embassy and was stationed in Shanghai consulate to already was opened by formulary time recieve the window technically. Want hold Belgium company only (include to be when Huabili company) invitation letter of effective business affairs, and application data is complete, assure to work in a few days to be able to be obtained in 3 go to than visa of short-term business affairs. And before the time of application of business affairs visa that personnel of Chinese business affairs attends Belgium needs at least all around above. In addition, belgium is stationed in Guangzhou consulate also will from 2007 begin to implement same measure first.

Belgian diplomacy and cooperate external the ministry expresses in announcement, published new Asian policy for example recently, emphasize special attention comparing inferior the development of the relation. Be opposite newly China visa policy is to suit than, in the situation of classics trade dealings that rises quickly between two countries, last in Chinese economy especially, below the situation that high speed rises, the business affairs activity between Belgium and Chinese company presents a closer and closer trend.

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