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About the latest news of circumstance of visa of foreign student United States
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Student of foreign country of American nucleus hair enters a country the autograph is 120 days ahead of schedule

Derive from the message of American the State Council according to foundation of Yo of beautiful state religion, begin from Feburary 14, the United States will extend the time that signs and issue student autograph for foreign student, from instead can be signed and issue the earliest in before term begins 120 days 90 days ago before.

According to new measure, student of F-1(of first time application is signed) , F-2(F-1 spouse or children) vocational training of autograph, M-1() , M-2(M-1 spouse or children) the student that the autograph enters a country and personnel, can be in the earliest now before course begins 120 days, obtain enter a country autograph.

American the State Council expresses: "New measure achieved the commitment that we enhance citizen of our country of edge protection bound, determined safeguard and security of the person that call in, keep open country door at the same time, the welcome hopes to come to the beauty visit, attend school or the personnel that undertake business affairs activity.

The State Council points out, new measure only applicable enter a country at first time American student. The student in already was being read wants to be able to maintain student status only, and in the data in SEVIS system effective circumstance falls, can apply for new F at any time kind or M kind autograph, the person that J-1(communication is visited) reach J-2(J-1 spouse or children) any time before autograph criterion is beginning about course are signed and issue. This new measure is Lai Si of Secretary of State (Condoleezza Rice) and Er of Michael of minister of land safe ministry cut Er to ask a husband (Michael Chertoff) advocates border of safeguard information age the combines plan picture one part that safety and portal open.

This plan draws minute of share, the specific target that this plan draws is: Improve a technology, improve work efficiency, continue to state American enthusiasm is friendly; Improve 21 centuries enter a country data-base; It is the person that call in to initiate " wisdom check " into involve a program. Lai Si is combined this in announce point out when plan picture, the person that the United States is asking actively to continue to call in to the foreign country hard is open, more important is today later beautiful student extends autograph exercise counts first job.

About the information that comes to the beauty study abroad, consult education of American the State Council and United States of " of webpage of bureau of culture general affairs teach " (EducationUSA) please, network address: Http:// and " American higher education " electronic periodical (College And University Education In The United States) , network address: Http:// About the student autograph and autograph file the detailed information of the program, examine American the State Council to get the website of bureau of Wu of at every turn please, network address: Http://
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