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Belgium simplifies right China 3 weekday can obtain order of business affairs vi
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Spokesman of Belgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirms 11 days to reporter of Xinhua News Agency say, belgium is stationed in China embassy and be stationed in Shanghai consulate general to begin to simplify since 9 days right China of business affairs visa extend program.
The spokesman expresses, the enterprise that should be in China by Belgium only is given out invite, and all formalities are all ready, need 3 weekday to be able to be obtained only go to Belgian visa. Belgium is stationed in Chinese embassy to reach be stationed in Shanghai consulate to will create special window, accept application of business affairs visa in fixed time every week. Belgium is stationed in Guangzhou consulate hopeful to began to extend 2007 this kind of visa.

A communique that Belgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs publishs 10 days says, chinese economy growth is swift and violent, the relationship between Belgian company and Chinese enterprise is increasingly close. Ensure the seasonable come-and-go between business affairs personnel appears very important to two countries.

The bulletin of Belgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs still says, simplify visa extends the program is Belgium takes seriously right China of the relation specific reflect. Not long ago, belgian diplomacy chancellery Degute emphasizes when elaborating Belgian foreign policy, china is Belgium is in the Asia's mainest partner, no matter still look from economic angle from diplomacy, belgium will give to China special attention.

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