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Visa expenses rises expenses of the travel that go to Europe to did not suffer a
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Since 1 day, certificate fee of Home Shen Genguo raises 60 euro by 35 euro (add up to) of 620 yuan of RMBs about. Reporter yesterday all, visa expenses rises, did not affect Jing Zhou to go to the charge that Europe swims. Visa of alleged Shen Gen, it is to point to the effective entry visa that goes to Europe. Go to Europe travelling now, want to apply for the visa of Home Shen Genguo only, can arrive other explain root country, avoided the trouble that applies for multilateral visa. Home Shen Genguo includes the European country such as France, Germany, Holand, Belgian, Spain, Italy, Finnish, Denmark at present.

As we have learned, at present Jing Zhou goes to the circuitry that Ou Lv swims to make an appointment with 15, charge from 7800 yuan - differ 25000 yuan. Yesterday, black force of chaste tree state leaves the country swimming controller tells a reporter, because European weather is at present colder, be not travel busy season, and during be exciting citizen Spring Festival mood of go on a journey, certificate fee of Home Shen Genguo rises won't make Europe is moved to swim on this city charge, even certain route still can roll out special offer during the Spring Festival.

The personage inside course of study warns a citizen, because handle European visa time about 20 days, if want to go to Ou Lv to swim during the Spring Festival, sign up for a group to travel agent ahead of schedule please.

Additional all, during the Spring Festival, southeast Asia of chaste tree city, Europe leave the country travel expense case won't have too upheaval, and case of travel expense of HongKong and Macow will rise 40% the left and right sides.

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