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Visa of Ji Si of the Er that go to auspicious rises in price
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Reporter Lv Shuhua does to go so Jierjisisitan's visa needs only 2100, 2300 yuan, "11 " after big holiday, go up suddenly 3400, 3500 yuan.
By September when, ji Gong prepares to take travelling merchant of a few inland to go auspicious country makes an on-the-spot investigation, at that time the quote of travel agent is a visa 2300 yuan, because among them the passport of one person did not do good, because this Ji Gong prepares " 11 " be dealt with after big holiday again, did not think of to pass 7 days merely, the visa price of the country that go to auspicious rose 3400, 3500 yuan.

Travel agent of Xinjiang the Western Regions confirmed this information, travel agent says about personnel, rise in price this very suddenly, because went to the invitation letter of auspicious country to rise in price,basically be allegedly, because this travel agent also adjusted the price accordingly, nevertheless conduction time is mixed same before, or 2 considerate 3 weeks.

Xinjiang gets industrial development head office to be being dealt with at present greatly will go November the visa that Ji Guocan extends personnel, this company international exhibits department manager Zhang Hong to say, auspicious country has ten to be able to extend so the orgnaization of invitation letter, ji Guozheng seat of government is right now of invitation letter extend the orgnaization undertook rectifying, only at present two can extend invitation letter, add go now the person that auspicious country inspects deal is increasing, because this visa price just is met,rise suddenly.

Nevertheless, concerned personage thinks, such high price won't last too long, because in inferior the heat of investment or Kazakstan Si Tan, the visa price that goes to haing country is 2800 yuan are controlled at present, if visa price compares auspicious country price of the visa that breath out a country is even high, what will naturally affect foreign enterprise to invest auspicious country is enthusiastic, predict visa price is in the country that go to auspicious likely November fall after a rise.

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