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Condition of case of resident card discrepancy can avoid the Lujiya that run div
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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is given out remind, according to Gelujiya this year newest on July 1 promulgate execute " law of foreigner law position " , immigration office of judiciary of case Lu Jiya is in at will beginning to accept July case is resident the foreign citizen of 3 months above applies resident card matters concerned, chinese citizen holds Gelujiya resident card can come in and go out case condition, do not need to do visa again.

According to Chinese datival Lu Jiya each other avoids visa agreement, chinese citizen runs diplomatic passport, official passport, on business common passport comes case is avoided do visa. Because illicit passport comes,Chinese citizen is held case must is stationed in to case ahead of schedule China diplomatic mission applies visa.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs still reminds, case Lu Jiya with a ha thises because of A cloth and south ladder of abstruse a place of strategic importance two heat problem is pendent, national political situation from time to tome queasy, economy grows disequilibrium, polarization is serious etc bring about security of society poorer, rate of crack a criminal case is very low, rob, the pilfer, incident that assaults a foreigner happens from time to tome, come case requires special attention safe.

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