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Fujian student is gone to flower study abroad working visa already relaxed
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The Fujian Province goes to the student that England studies abroad to have an interest good news again of purpose: Area of afterwards England Scotland rolls out area of visa of two years of jobs, England one year to science department student to international student studying abroad after working visa, cambria area also will begin to have untie a person to the working visa policy of international student studying abroad in June this year. Department of each district visa also has begun to relax England studies abroad the checkup of visa.
With Cambria area the university is Siwangxi exemple, will begin September from this year, this school and Beijing spaceflight study abroad collaboration, face me to save a student studying abroad to develop Master preparatory project. According to introducing, si Wangxi university is the university that Quan Yingwei sets professional center to coach international learns unripe obtain employment technically, adopt GOWALES plan, after the international student of 2/3 acquires finish school, this school stays nearly flower working opportunity.

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