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Chinese tourism group goes to beautiful visa or los angeles of untie a person gr
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According to the United States " world daily " report, to the Weilalaigesha of los angeles mayor that visits China 9 days announce to establish bureau of los angeles tourism in Beijing, the hope takes the advantage of this to strive for business chance for this city. To this, los angeles municipal government is hopeful forecast, china " the group goes into the group " travel visa, will be in 12 to the lift a ban inside 18 months, the Chinese tourist that goes sightseeing to los angeles at the appointed time will increase considerably 50% to 100% .

Weilalaigesha's mayor expresses, los angeles is stationed in Beijing tourism bureau to hold water, indicate city is in a the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces Chinese laid a permanent red carpet, the welcome is counted with 1 million plan go going sightseeing before Chinese tourist.

He points out, los angeles city is happy to make the door that China travels to the United States, greeting tourist uses los angeles International Airport (LAX) discrepancy condition, again thorough completely beautiful each district goes sightseeing. Los angeles is stationed in Beijing tourism bureau to enclothe China the biggest 3 cities, namely Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou.

California travels south estate operator all happy see this city new policy comes on stage, think group of prospective China journey goes to the lift a ban of beautiful visa, the progress that brings the obverse side for industry.

The every phenomenon travel agent that has run group of chinese mainland journey 15 years, was in charge of a Beijing journey of mission of trade of los angeles city, the lift a ban that thinks to go to beautiful visa will bring profit for industry much.

Bao Huailu of this agency chief points out, it is not easy that Chinese citizen obtains visa of travel of the organization that go to the United States, 10 people apply for visa to 6 are signed by refus, the Chinese citizen that strove for American visa last year only 230 thousand person, the person-time that watchs European travel instead already was achieved of 2.5 million. American visa " door bank is tall " wait for a reason to cause Chinese travel company to form a delegation very hard legally the travel that go to the United States.

Bao Huailu expresses, hold water as what los angeles is stationed in Beijing tourism bureau, will more China citizen enters the United States to travel from los angeles, open market is helpful for establishing perfect mechanism, local tourism person pass competition, reform undesirable ethos, chinese tourist will obtain better service, american government also can obtain more taxes, reach pair of winning phases.

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