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Consumers Association of Liaoning Province warning: beware of holiday travel boo
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"Eleventh" period, many consumers began to develop plans to visit relatives and travel, and start booking tickets. In this regard, Shenyang City, Liaoning Province, Dalian and other places in the Consumers Association issued consumer alert, travel holiday booked my ticket to watch out for "four traps" to ensure their legitimate rights and interests.

Trap One:

Shopping Point qualification is defective. Booking air tickets, go to the formal or legal agency handling airline, do not believe in the so-called distributed on the street of small advertising special fares. To see whether purchasing point of business license, whether agents of air transport operations, whether it has the air transport enterprise agency status.

Trap Two:

Discount transmission of the disease. Booking air tickets, discount should carefully check the information is consistent with the actual ticket prices, and advice-related content, such as the presence of the airport construction fee ticket, can be endorsed, modified, refund, the need for special services related to procedures. Determined in terms of price and itinerary, consumers can ask the seller to fight the bill, and took the opportunity to carefully check the name, itinerary and price.

Trap three:

Continue the calculation of time allowed to take flight delay thing. The case of the aircraft when delayed for some reason have occurred, for consumers to take several flights to the destination, should be generous to calculate the flight and the flight time interval between the re-booking.

Trap IV:

Internet bookings more than hidden. Purchase tickets online, there are many traps, typically include: increase the ticket, the refund credited into account is not timely, not timely feedback on the ticket, not the implementation of the provisions of back 改签, insurance can not query the payment ticket, not a cause can not be used ticket and so on.

Therefore, if you choose to order tickets online, see if it should be noted that authorities have issued e-business logo. Order tickets, pay attention to retain the order screen shot information, transfer money to stay after the certificate. In addition, when consumers purchase electronic tickets will be given a ticket number, consumers can call the customer service phone to identify the appropriate airline ticket authenticity.

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