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Knowledge of a tourist visa to go abroad
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◎ class travel Knowledge of a tourist visa to go abroad According to the difficulty of outbound visas are divided into several categories. Easy to type: Visa is very easy to pass. Such as Mauritius, Maldives, Indonesia sign that the implementation of visa-free countries or floor. Easy to type: Southeast Asia, most countries, though to do a visa, but as long as the submission of compliance materials, it is easy to pass. Such as Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and other countries. Such countries need a visa provided the material is relatively simple. Slightly strenuous type: strenuous because materials are more complicated. Behalf of the state from India, Kenya, Zimbabwe. Strenuous type: This section provides information on countries not only cumbersome, but also the many challenges through the visa officer. Representative in the United Kingdom, Switzerland and France to join the Schengen treaty, Germany and Spain. In addition, there is a group of countries not issuing travel visas for individual travelers, usually with the mission to, such as South America, Argentina, Brazil, etc.; Africa, Namibia, South Africa. In the tourist visa to go abroad, the following tips may help to you: Exit levels jump: If you are the first exit, holding the passport is blank passports, the first order in Europe after Asia to be more appropriate. Southeast Asian countries because of visa easy to handle, go to go to Europe, Southeast Asia, it is not a blank passport. Also like to remind you that for the first time to Europe, the proposed mission to report such a visa through the high rate of visa to obtain a good record, the next sign would be easier to send. Note: visa, such as European countries, a lot of material need to be prepared, in addition to passports, account book, certificates of deposit, unit certificate, and sometimes need to interview. Do not lie when the sign face. In addition to their own visa processing, you can also find travel agencies. Advantage is that travel agents save time and effort, but in addition pay the visa fee, you also need to pay a certain fee.
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