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Wenzhou to Shanghai route ticket "release price" to counter the impact of EMU
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2 fold, 3 fold, 99 of the special votes, even if lucky enough to spike to 9 per ticket. Shanghai World Expo will end nearly a month, passenger traffic down passenger market competition led to Wenzhou - Shanghai air route Line because of the impact by the moving car, has begun to lay down their prices in response to market competition. "3 fold Hongqiao and Pudong 2 fold," Recently the airline ticket to Wenzhou, Shanghai in temperature hit a low-cost online advertising, and in the Expo, is to maintain the temperature of the Shanghai line has more than seven high price discount for each purchase . "Wenzhou on Coastal line is very powerful impact by the moving car, do not lower prices failed to keep the guests. "Wenzhou City admitted a charge air ticket. According to this month, passenger traffic since the situation, the temperature of the Shanghai route than the previous average price dropped by 50%. Wenzhou Yongqiang Airport (referred to as the "Wenzhou Airport") in the temperature of the Shanghai route, the daily average of ten flights issued the left The right, in addition to the flight time is better slightly higher load factor, the early morning, evening and so the flight time to reduce the most obvious source. Reduction in the overall source, making the flight line source intensive diversion temperature is fairly obvious Shanghai, this month Many early flight to thus canceled. Aviation industry analysis, during the World Expo, tourists need not worry, automotive, railway, aircraft Dengjun assigned a share of the market. Expo is now over, into the off-season tourism is also relatively, the advantage of more motor car show Come. In particular, Oct. 27 speed motor car again, reduce the temperature of Shanghai and a half hour trip (4 hours minimum frequency of consuming 5 minutes), so that motor car more competitive. And the motor car trips per day has also increased a lot, ticket supply Sufficient, no longer need to buy two or three days in advance, some visitors turned completely moving car. In addition, the motor car to adjust time, now are calling at Shanghai Hongqiao station, greatly facilitate the transit of passengers flying to the Hongqiao, which some of the visitors By motor car from Wenzhou to Shanghai, and then go to Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport is very convenient. The counties of Wenzhou airport ground transportation with the inconvenience to the airport 1 to 2 hours by car to let the loss of suburban customer base. Particular moment in which early morning flight, making the source of the early morning suburban high cost of travel , Are naturally subject to greater impact. According to market feedback, the current Yueqing, Cangnan, Wenzhou, the two sources of tourists to the airport to fly to Shanghai, the shunt is very obvious. In response to new market changes, airlines moves, focusing on the price of a fuss. Based on current sales law, the Shanghai line temperature at around 8 in the morning, Pudong 2 fold, 3 fold Hongqiao; 10 am to 1 pm, Rainbow Bridge 6 fold; 16:00, Pudong 3 fold; 18:00, Hongqiao 4 fold; 8 pm, 3 fold in Pudong. Special line has been taking Spring Airlines Co., Ltd. in Wenzhou to Shanghai online, there are still a small amount of 99 yuan, 159 yuan Online Specials Vote launched the line from Shanghai to Wenzhou, a ticket for 99 yuan on more. The company even on Monday, Thursday launched an online spike activity, Wenzhou to Shanghai can not believe the low to 9 yuan. In addition to prices should be outside, introduce more product diversification, but also airline policies. Now, with airlines transit product launches, international and domestic transit ticket sales increased significantly. Because of Wenzhou - Shanghai line range is short, more flights departing Shanghai, Shanghai became the preferred transit passengers. Northeast routes, especially the high price, Shanghai is an important local passenger transit, such as Wenzhou, Changchun, Lanzhou, Wenzhou, no flight, only transit. Transfer a large number of affordable products launched, attracting a large number of transit passengers, has become an important part of the company. In ensuring the airline has become a quasi-point focus on competitive strategies to consider. Shanghai Airlines Co., Ltd. related to the public on the auspicious that only guarantee flights on schedule and continue to improve service quality to better compete with the motor car . Flights may be delayed if the company will try to deploy their aircraft to ensure punctuality. Because once the delay, passengers buy tickets will be meaningless, will be more favored moving car. Consumers often go to Shanghai on business Sun, this time to see ticket prices lower was delighted, said: "price PK is the last word. Motor car Ye Hao, aircraft Ye Hao, competition is the ultimate benefit of the visitors . "
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