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By the students leave holidays and the Spring Festival triple impact of small
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From the "Where" network and data to know ticket prices Taobao information point of view, students return home due to the winter holiday, New Year and Spring Festival holidays, triple small effect in January of ticket prices jumped ring 50% more than in December. Shanghai air ticket to fly to Xiamen, for example, "Where to" price curve shows that the lowest fare on Wednesday 159 million, but in the January 3, ticket prices jumped to 480. In the winter, trips, tickets to the rise of Hainan more apparent. Currently tickets to Sanya, Xiamen was 674 yuan, but after a year, the ticket immediately to Sanya up 50% Year period, Sanya, Xiamen, fare to 959 yuan. According to the "Where" network ticket Yang Wei, senior director of product introduction, during the spring in order to save air fares, air tickets with the proposed purchase. This will Amoy chance to cheaper tickets increased by 50%. More importantly, low-cost tickets to many individual, airlines have very strict restrictions, such as altered tickets and the like can not be refunded. The return flights, most airlines also provide more convenient 改签 back. If you choose to travel before the New Year, go to Hong Kong such as the Christmas shopping, but also learn to provide cheap air tickets early. Taobao travel platform, said head of blowing snow, from the current situation, the Mainland to Hong Kong flights, hotels and other tourism product prices are likely higher than in previous years, and the price will peak earlier than in previous years.
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