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Airlines, Shenzhen Airlines air ticket booking special tips on how to save mone
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The rapid price rise, so that ordinary people have been unbearable, how to save money has become the hot topic of the moment. For frequent travelers who travel by air, air tickets easily hundreds of thousands, if what the provincial government in this regard, I am afraid several days to resolve the meal. Adhere to customer service as the center, "for customers to find the cheapest airline tickets" for the mission of the air ticket e-commerce platform - Shenzhen Special Airlines Airlines, booked my ticket today offers several tips to save money, to satisfy everyone . Airlines, Shenzhen Airlines first one special: save money with the return difference Many travelers may encounter this problem: why, from Shanghai to Beijing than a ticket back to Shanghai from Beijing ticket prices high? Actually the reason is that airlines and passengers play "seesaw" game: one to one to, airlines derive the total profit is unchanged, so to reduce the ticket to the ticket must raise, and vice versa. This is a common trick of many airlines, and travelers can learn is just to find the difference in their favor. Such as a airline ticket to Beijing can play 4 fold, while a return ticket may be played only 7 fold or 8 fold; the same time, Company B may be invoiced to 5 fold, while the return ticket with a corresponding hit 6 fold, and that visitors to A company might be purchased separately Chu invoices and B's return ticket, the difference between the use of different airlines to save for their next ticket costs about a discount. The second measure of Shenzhen Special Airlines Airlines: Book tickets in advance to save money Beijing route influenced by the market discount tickets, discount tickets relatively short period. If Beijing's special ticket only lasted until early March, while you buy a special ticket in mid-March to early March may wish to ask, then there will be new incentives, maybe you can enjoy even greater discounts . If you intend to book "May Day" Golden Week flights to Sanya flights, suggest that you might consider ordering early as possible. Scheduled earlier if the tickets can be sent to Sanya hit 4.5 fold, but wait until the "Golden Week", these hot lines may not be a discount on tickets, and then even if the introduction of preferential policies, discounted rate may no longer be so big, so it is still better to take advantage of the discount policy is a good book. Special Air China Air The third measure: to save money with group bookings In general, the 4 bulk discount ticket prices to Beijing is already pretty cheap, about 450 yuan, and if the group buy about 10 votes, average fares will be cheaper down, up to 3 fold or 2.5 fold. Therefore, those directed at the choice of cheap air tickets travel agency activities with visitors they can "go it alone", his book a group ticket. Solo travelers may also wish to find several "companion" in the same. Such as the Internet to send a post, gathered up some at the same time interested in
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