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Study abroad guideline:
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One, funds preparation

You are OK the living cost that exchanges 1 year to the regulation of byelaw of exchange control of state of basis of Bank of China, deal with the foreign currency that exchanges remittance formalities. The foreign currency of equivalence of 5000 U.S. dollors in living cost is OK change with cash form directly come out, one part can be carried go abroad, one part can stock international credit card; That part living cost of more than 5000 U.S. dollors can be chamberlain to handle money order with his name, take money order abroad, when foreign hind does collection procedures after local bank opens account (note: The time talent that bill of exchange needs a many month in abroad commonly is carried now) .
So that be in abroad,the proposal handles international credit card in home of consumption and lash-up with. When after amounting to abroad, want to open individual account in the bank as soon as possible, handle money order collection procedures, the funds that also facilitates family will need assembles your account directly.  

2, baggage bales

Baling before getting ready, must affirm with airline how much you can take to consign baggage freely. Normally the circumstance falls, the baggage that airline allows to be consigned freely is 20 kilograms, also partial airline allows to consign 30 kilograms baggage freely. Because baggage overweights, can pay brushstroke not small fee. Of course, but in advance and airline connection, some companies can arrange baggage to be consigned ahead of schedule, charge is met relatively a few lower. Additional, airline allows to be carried freely commonly 5, 8 kilograms (portable computer except) portable baggage.  

3, custom enters a country

Into close material to should include: Already the photocopy of admission notice of the valid passport of visa, airline ticket, school, immigration card, proof paying fee and proof of record of formal schooling. Enter when closing, the custom of most country is versed in personnel may quiz to you, whether to enter a country for the first time for example; You read the name of the school; With respect to read course; The length that reads course, want to had made sufficient preparation. In enter enter a country before custom division, the person that all entering a country needs to fill appropriate according to the facts the maize immigration card of a piece of individual data, use the article that the special article that allegation carries and requirement declare, student studying abroads must fill in according to the facts.  

4, must not carry article for stranger

What be worth to remind most is, student studying abroads are sure to keep in mind not to carry article for stranger! Because tricky drug trafficker is used constantly,carry medicines and chemical reagents to enter without the passenger of vigilant heart close. If someone says to you: "Ask a do me a favour, take these article to go × × country " . Must write down sincerely do not agree. Unless you can be sure these article do not have harbour drugs or other contraband, otherwise the safest method refuses namely. If someone says to you: "Won't have a problem, in drugs of × × country it is lawful " . Must not believe, almost all advanced countries are banned with drugs.  
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