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I what go to heart baggage preparation see (2)
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Baggage detailed list piece (go up)

We evaluate this article to whether want to take, have two balance level: It is to cannot replace a gender (Germany is done not have or buy very hard) with useful sex, 2 it is whether the price difference of similar product value is worth with Germany.

Choose goods first sort, cannot substitute is discharged the first, the platoon with big price difference the 2nd, price difference is little still odd weight moment just considers finally, have price difference hardly need not consider.

More invisible than consistent bottle eye liquid medicine, 1 kilogram, with Germany similar product (8-15 euro) quite, price difference 10-50 yuan. Although disadvantageous appropriate, but can use half an year at least, about a hundred, just spend a few minutes of money less every time, really meaning of it doesn't matter, belong to the commodity of price difference minimum. This kilogram of heft should be changed other cannot substitute, or the product with bigger price difference.

< certificate >
Differ according to individual circumstance, say very hard also to be clear about, but must take have:
1, passport
2, the advice note of German university or lingustic school
3, German certificate
4, bank deposit credential
5, APS certificate, or heart square school makes clear an announcement, the other letter original that when reporting for duty, must be carried and shows.
6, achievement of above of the record of formal schooling that elementary school graduates to the university, high school, degree, work even the notarization that the German university such as the proof needs a certain number of portions (not 8 over, if had applied for the school 35 can) .
7, chromophotograph of without hat front 1 inch two inches a certain number of (each 30 pieces sufficient)
8, check-up proves (international health card) . Although everybody mirrors instead,close to be able to be checked scarcely, later effect is not big also, need not do. But oneself are unwarrantable when this article leaves the country, need not carry.

The original of some certificate is considered as action not big, belong to blame must take article, if must be taken,think to be opposite useful in the future certificate, can carry fair certificate, german what is what write on the original that can not know you, original effect is not so big. Take original to come to Germany also can do fair certificate of course, see the necessity that takes original, coming out original belt after all is to have what lose a risk certainly.

These certificate are:
1, the diploma of old middle and primary school and achievement original, if home has made notarization, OK and mere university diploma, the original of diploma brings Germany. Other need not, want to let home add notarization in the future, should show fair certificate only can.
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