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I what go to heart baggage preparation see (3)
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Baggage detailed list piece (in)

< electric equipment>
1, the electric rice cooker that discusses everybody to care most first:
If the rest space and heft can take,I feel most of trumpet (100 come piece) , can boil a jin rice, 3 people eat. If had overweighted, also need not take. Because Asian supermarket also has,sell (be restricted only partial big city) , more expensive than home 1 arrive multiple (300-600 RMB) . You feel the heft of these a few kilograms of boiler lets other more important thing, and floriferous 89 yuan also are worth, need not electrified rice cooker. If can cook not quite, take, notice the foot side when baling, be not put in boot, put in the dress among, fall very easily bad otherwise.

Actually boiler kitchen of Germany cooks very easily also, have experience twice to be able to be solved cook problem, I ate the meal that I cook one year, remember in the center agitate bottom of 3 two boiler, won't paper a bottom finally.

Fried dish boiler need not be taken, germany is electric stove more, can not touch boiler with what average a copy only, this is in Germany not expensive, some is cheaper than home even, the gift that I buy 9 euro, diameter 29 centimeters, still take vitreous cover. Be sure to keep in mind: Buy do not touch boiler to want to choose those who take cover (of German majority do not take cover) , can accelerate the rate of the dish that boil greatly, otherwise the fried dish wants to wait impatiently, this still can add the variety that makes food, evaporate is boiled go.

2, mobile phone and phone
Domestic mobile phone and phone are in Germany to be able to be used directly, german mobile phone compares domestic price slightly expensive. The person that just reached Germany waits for a reason because of visa, cannot buy immediately commonly relatively the autograph of valence cheap makes an appointment with a mobile phone, if want to to Germany the mobile phone is used, take the mobile phone of a home, to flower of inn of German mobile phone 25 euro buy now embedded the mobile phone chip of 25 euro telephone bill, can get the hand writes down number to begin to communicate directly, still saved a lot of limitation and trouble. But cost of German mobile phone is extremely high, charge of word of mobile phone prevailing is as high as 0.2-0.9 euro (inside Germany) ! Do not dial at will please!

Germany secures electric telephone bill very expensive also, international is long-distance cannot hit directly more, but card of phone of a lot of IP sells, hit a home only 0.4-0.8 yuan RMB, dog-cheap.

Will still do not understand a situation for the first time, need not take a chance, can take a telephone call on pocket palm, perhaps can use. Some landlord can leave you line way, but a machine that Germany sells is really a lot of more expensive, 15 euro can buy the phone of archives of lowest of a home only, a good chance and composite aircraft are as high as about a hundred euro. German phone and online interface is a little different, but after square mouth of home also adds the changeover interface that Germany sells, can use, changeover interface can be bought in electric equipment supermarket and secondhand goods drug-store, 1 to 3 euro. But online outlet and phone outlet have distinction, notice to buy please. If buy a fault, can ask to return money.
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