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Go to a law to study abroad baggage detailed list
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The baggage detailed account that the proposal carries:

Show solicitude for of underwear, sock, thin sweater, long sleeve, dust coat;
Boots of leather shoes, skin, shoe, shoe;
Leather belt, scarf, cap, glove

Note: France relatively home is warm, there is central heating commonly in the winter, the proposal takes some of light clothing and other articles of daily use more from home, of home cheaper.

Articles for daily use:
Towel, bath towel, bath cap, soapbox, light water cup, gargle cup, comb, small glasses, umbrella, make up appliance (brow forceps) , razor reachs bit, electric midge scented tea, changeover outlet;
Glasses (invisible, frame, sunglass) nice area deserves to come over in home with eyedrop proposal.

Medicines and chemical reagents:
Commonly used medicines and chemical reagents, be like: Patulin, antiphlogistic medicine, medicine of injuries from falls, commonly used small medicines and chemical reagents is brought from home appropriate, france of precious big medicines and chemical reagents can be bought, and bought social insurance commonly, can submit an expense account.

Culture things:
Pen, ink; Dictionary (Chinese small character is in charge of, french-Chinese, chinese law) ; Professional book (advanced maths, the computer) , because book article is more serious, need not use the belt is too much, otherwise baggage overweights instantly, airport amerce is very expensive, when after be inferior to, going back to the motherland, bring again, also will surely not use on a lot of professional books the first year anyway, and a lot of data also can be on the net the library is checked.

Cuisine things:
Chopstick, ladle, kitchen knife (put in consign box in) , french kitchen knife is the penknife that band saw ages, with unaccustomed; Can bring some of cooked food that oneself like additionally (pickles) and dressing.

Recreational articles for use:
Computer: The fittings of table machine can be brought from home assemble, need to buy monitor and lead plane box in France only; Computer software must be taken (when passing custom, should take care, do not check commonly) . If already notebook computer is brought directly, if not have, buy in France very good also, clavier of original French operating system, French is convenient input method article (review in law affirmation wants to write French to stalk of grain) , quality is good, without fake, guarantee convenient, the mainest is the price and home keep balance.
Camera: Can take digital camera or goofy camera to still have a certain quantity of film

Tonsorial: France is very tonsorial expensive, between general student studying abroad mutual and tonsorial, can save the board expense of next week! Can carry some of tonsorial appliance from home. Before going abroad, write down tonsorially!
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