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Study abroad the preparation before Russia goes
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Come before Moscow, what kind of vehicle should you choose certainly above all (plane or train) with the course?

Current, have 3 airline (country boat, russian boat, xinjiang aviation) many line comes and go at: This?- is Muscovite (country boat or Russian boat) , shanghai- - Muscovite (country boat or Russian boat) , hong Kong- - Muscovite (Russian boat) , your city- - Urumqi- - Muscovite (Xinjiang aviation) . The type of Moscow of contact of China International airline and home is Boeing more 767, flight time controls; Russia airline 8 hours to adopt Boeing more the 777 type with airbus; new boat are plane of Su Shiyi Er for the most part. Because competition is intense, each company often makes price war, especially the Spring Festival and summer vacation offer indulgence airline ticket, if student or form a delegation buy a ticket, still can have not little privilege. Talk fame and service, should choose a country boat, two eat are supplied it is good because of type to also add up to boat of Russia of Chinese taste; , engine room is capacious and comfortable, suit to fly for long; and lowest of new boat price, and the airline ticket that offers Urumqi freely still to require a town to your place and the board and lodging during black waits. As to the train, have the international train that goes there and back between Beijing and Moscow, although low-cost, but time is longer, about 10 days come two weeks. For precious to holiday student studying abroad, not quite appropriate. But if your time is abundant, experience the pretty picture of the natural scene of Russia and Lake Baikal, taste on the way Russia type again fastfood, very pretty good also You!

Come Muscovite, what should you prepare?

If you take a plane, the thing that allows to carry is very finite (standard of boat tourist class is the country 20 kilograms of) , choosing somewhat so is very necessary. As in of Russian commerce begin, chinese commodity is increasingly rich on Muscovite market rise, and Chinese large supermarket also settle is Muscovite, eat can need not carry too much, should take right amount Russian dictionary, syntactic book reachs the Chinese data of relevant major, buy the shoe of a few hibernate more, pants, coat apparel, because Muscovite winter is longer, and dress dimension of the Russian suits a Chinese not quite. Take as to coat or eider down, can come not hind buy again, likelihood you can feel, what oneself buy in home is not quite thick, besides these things are more unwieldy, carry difficulty. Additional, you should take a few drug, precautionary cold has a fever wait to often come on, after some friends go abroad, suit not quite because of climate and environment especially, can have the hypersensitive state such as allergy of such as pollen.

The friend that takes visa of incoming Russia student smoothly is not glad too early, because enter a country from Muscovite custom,also be one great difficulty. The inspection procedures of Russian custom is quite trival and strict. Must not carry the article of the forbidden band in international flight, customs declaration (have flower Russian two kinds, ask everybody to choose to fill in) also should fill in according to the facts, what take foreign currency measure especially. The friend that enters a country for the first time, must carry the visa invitation letter that school place sends.
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