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Baggage reference is expressed
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1. consigns baggage ≈ 61 jins
(1) case (11.6 jins) :
(2) electric heat blanket, thin quilt, bath towel, towel 2.
(3) the summer two type bedgown, briefs 15, wool socks, thick continous socks socks of 10 double, Bao Mian 20 double, T-shirts 6, recreational trousers 3, the jeans 3, bounce heat preservation is ultrathin underwear 2, medium get heat preservation light jacket.
(4) Bao of 1.2 litres of report meals (spoon of vitreous lid, steam box, plastic meal) , kitchen knife, muti_function scoop of spoon of scissors, wood, wood, blow a skin implement fruit knife combination, chopstick, stainless steel spoon, dishcloth 2, towel gourd flesh, .
(5) exceed light sun umbrella, 7 cover armour to cut, fold clothes tree 5, 8 group aperture are wiring board, multi-purpose source of electrify of charger, fast interpret, floppy disk 4 pieces, fast interpret of Win98, Office2000, golden hill 2002, tool software.
(6) slipper of leather sandal, recreational shoe, sneaker, continous, plastic slipper.
(7) medicine makes an appointment with 1 jin many (patulin, antiphlogistic medicine, antidiarrheal, stop be fond of medicine of medicine of diminish inflammation of medicine, clear gunpowder, oral cavity, skin to wait)
(8) Suzhou is inwrought 4.

≈ of baggage of the machine on 2. 20 jins:
(1) mountain-climbing wraps (about 3.75 jins) :
Pen bag (neuter pen 2, core of 50 neuter pens, one-time ball-pen 5, core of a propelling pencil, pencil, rubber, red pen, fluorescent pen, plastic soft feet, scotch tape 5) , card of folder, graduation, degree card, be born notarization. ≈ 15 - 16 jins.
(2) satchel: Fast interpret is connected (contain 4 7 # to charge batteries) , Wen Quxing, Walkman, passport, simple and easy album, prevent bask in fluid glue of 1 pyxis, eye 1, little correspondence this, small glasses, small comb, umbrella, film 12.

3. : Socks of T-shirt of long sleeve, short sleeve, coat, jeans, briefs, thin continous, leather shoes

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