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Arrived again immediately large quantities of student studying abroads go abroad the time that study abroad. I come rice already had half an year, the friend that some experience think and rice country comes to on the horse communicates.

(1) takes enough ready money. Especially you think of other place plays first, cash cannot little. According to the experience of my individual, take 2000 - 3000 about the same. Because the school does not give money, the first month, all sorts of Deposit make poll big.

(2) should be inside Mi Guoguo of a favourable turn. Had better buy OK ticket, a piece of ticket buys destination, although you think,stay a few days in ground of a favourable turn. For instance you want Chicago, but think preexistence Los Angeles stays a few days. You had better buy Chicago, if be bought in LA,arrive the following day otherwise the ticket of Chicago, that can bleed. Return to LA from Shanghai than you likely expensive! ! Additional, the friend band that had better ask rice state buys plane ticket, because the airline ticket of rice country is cheap. The airline ticket that will go back and forth between the mainland June now wants 830 meters only in the travel agent of rice country yuan. Be in off-season be, be like December Christmas around, those who go to Shanghai is roundtripAirline ticket wants 600 meters only yuan.

(3) checks a tooth, the insurance in Mi Guoxue school is accident danger and medical treatment danger, do not include dentistry to nurse. The tooth looking in rice country can be haemorrhage really. The letter is not believed by you, in rice country fill a tooth, if by the protection of rice country nerve is treated, want 1000 meters yuan of above. What to call Canal Therapy. And a minute of money also won't give insurance company you.

(4) need not take too much CD-ROM, want to bring Chinese software of course, convenient get online. The Ftp address that can download on the net now nevertheless is very much, also need not take midday repeatedly even. But musical CD and VCD can be brought, VCD and VCD machine cannot be bought in rice country, so, unless you are to be above the computer,see the word of VCD, VCD also was not necessary to bring.

(The fellow that 5) has a meal should be taken neat, especially cuisine things. Otherwise the thing that he cook is special trouble.

(6) should get online in conditional home, with E-mail communication is clear about than the phone, and be economical. In the telephone company of rice country, the price that hits mainland LCI and Sprint is cheaper, it is 0.76/ minute. There was a GIS company again now, hit the mainland with card, want 0.59/ only minute.

(7) just came rice country should notice safety, should contact a friend or classmate or the school is received send, do not expect to sit " greyhound " or the subway goes to the school, it is insecure, 2 it is your belt two big cases are very no-go.
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