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Go to heart study abroad baggage detailed list 2
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About baggage it is a lot of friends the incoming letter asks most, and as a result of present aviation situation also as 911 incident austere with each passing day, what thing should be taken, what thing ought not to perhaps need not take, these problems are perplexing every students that are about to set foot on Germany all the time.

Say weight problem above all, airline regulation is 20 kilograms, this is to point to haul baggage. Actual in many kilograms also won't occupied. Cross 5 kilograms to have risk more nevertheless. Every kilograms should punish about a hundred RMB more perhaps, because this is on this,him everybody wants discreet. Additional, if a lot of things are hated to part with, still can have an idea. Come through post office namely marine, a bit greater post-office metropolis has this business, although a few slower, (Saying is two months, actually general a month can arrive) , can be opposite petty gain. Those who send is more more appropriate. For instance one kilogram is 300 RMBs, and can send 14 kilograms at most (this weight each post office may differ somewhat) nevertheless more than 700. Accordingly not the book of urgent need and other things are OK family member help lets send the past after having fixed address.

Besides haul baggage, portable baggage has the restriction of bulk only. You can tell a dimension when buying airline ticket, want those who use to say a plane only to the store that buys trunk now actually, salesman can carry you. Must buy the strongest the sort of, do not need strong case the sort of, although bear fruit, but weight also increased many. Best is the hard canvas with better quality, weight is light, can load a few heavier goods again. Go in the outfit with book and other volume are minor and great deal, try more in the home, really strong ability goes. Used false and inferior product otherwise, diffuse when giving the airport, cry late. (This can not be jest, of the bitter experience that has had a few friends)

1, book and culture things: The book wants 3 only: (Unless you had marine plan) , big heart Chinese character is in charge of (Shanghai translation press, nacarat is cortical) , small heart Chinese Han Deshuang sees a glossary (the) of green skin, the contemporary German that syntactic book wants Wang Zhaoqu to make up is practical and syntactic (go out with aid university, this is a best) . Home is informal of what teaching material the tape of the audition part that you hear to understand not quite and corresponding character (tear down come) , as long as it is German read go. This is used. Ball-pen and pencil, the not heavy stuff such as rubber takes a place casually.

Prepare to order little gift again, because classics regular meeting has German help you, the time became much had better express. Chinese paper-cut is resembled previously or filar towel, still China writtens guarantee is pretty good, the Chinese sends these likelihoods to exchange bit of other it may not be a bad idea now. Oneself are looked at do. Light good. (The stamp that before two days of hair have a person to send a few pieces of China the view and postcard hold out welcome) . Computer CD, what to take to see yourself's level. Of pilfer edition did not concern, nobody is in charge of Germany you. If have dynamoelectric razor did not forget to take outlet of a small changeover. The electric equipment here inserts Kong Dou is two-phase obtuse.
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