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ID: 218973Posted 10/21/2001 8:36:57 PMUser Profile Edit Message Reply W/Quote

But this baggage detailed list presses a pace to be moved according to what what I prepare!

Still be the thing that says baggage is consigned first. General airline stipulates every baggage cannot exceed 20 kilograms, nevertheless, the baggage of a few people that take before me has 30 kilograms almost, basically do not cross 30 kilograms to should be no problem! bag bag has dimension regulation, this is buying airline ticket spatio-temporal elder sister can tell you, that heft can be weighed some (it is in fact have a regulation) , do not check commonly. A pocket of big drop is hanged on the waist, can put all certificate inside, should take very convenient also! Still have a bit, best when your case consigns destination check looks up a case to whether have damage, how no matter damage,rate can seek airline claim for compensation. Meeting basis of general aviation public company is factual circumstance compensate cash or case (the case is OK of self-selection) .
Say cabinet all. If come over not to have a dining room, want oneself to doing those who eat, that takes a kitchen knife to come (put in the case to consign sure) , because the knife there is unaccustomed to use, it is OK to cut vegetable, if cut the flesh kind, that is about to had made large interest! Scissors takes on one, bowl, on chopstick belt bit, take last the smallest report rice cooker (microwave oven need not be taken) , soup can pause above, evaporate thing, can cook below. Fry boiler to be able to go there secondhand the market is bought.
German stationery is expensive. Everybody carries bit of notebook more, bit better from on start writing belt 2, plumbic core, still have rubber, rule, ball-pen, pen. Be in charge of besides two German word and some of German stuff is taken again outside a syntactic book, take two more about syntactic book. After all there attend class the meeting is some more demanding. The mobile phone can be taken from home, want GSM, charger, batteries. Needlework wraps a bag to had been taken!
I took shampoo, bath dew, toothpaste tooth brush, it is good to can be bought in German 3DM nevertheless big a bottle of shampoo, thing of this a few type is not expensive, see respective circumstance whether want to be being taken. Quilt bedding bag I am to be taken, have say petty gain, have say expensive, the ground that sees those who search to cannot find petty gain. I take that thick Yun Si by, pressed it into vacuum to be become. The thing that still Mom of female inborn mother's eldest sister wants use is mixed in Germany domestic price is similar, I feel or proper belt dot goes, take silk thin the sort of.
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