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Will add boat adjustment to reduce 5 years on August 15 consign baggage weight u
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Because the whole world lights tall look forward to of oil price case, the management cost of your aviation industry is climbed considerably litre, canadian airline (Air Canada) the weight upper limit that announced to will reduce this company country, North America and international course to consign baggage in the round on August 15, 2005, decrease panel height to amount to 1/4.

Passed the information that its website releases a few days ago according to adding ship, take the passenger that adds ship, his associate with can consign two baggage freely, every avoid the weight upper limit that holds baggage in the palm to be 32 kilograms (70 pounds) . But after new regulation is carried out formally, every avoid the weight upper limit that holds baggage in the palm to be 23 kilograms (50 pounds) . Every consign baggage to must not exceed 32 kilograms again most (70 pounds) ; Active regulation exceeds 45 kilograms to be not gotten every (100 pounds) . The baggage that carries as to the passenger, because already accepted restriction in size and quantitative respect, reason does not suffer the effect of afore-mentioned new regulations.

In addition, if the passenger is consigned the limitation that baggage weight exceeded afore-mentioned new regulations, add boat to will collect baggage to overweight to the passenger cost. Among them, the passenger that takes North America scheduled flight wants those who pay 35 yuan to overweight at least cost, the passenger of international airliner wants those who pay 60 yuan to overweight at least cost. Weight uprights at 50 will add with the baggage between 70 pounds close overweight of course of the North America that expend ﹔ overweight cost is 35 add yuan, of international course overweight cost is 60 add yuan. If the passenger is about to consign the 3rd baggage, add boat to will be mixed according to the size of baggage weight, collect to the passenger be equivalent to afore-mentioned overweighting expending 3 times to the charge of 5 times.

Add boat to impose valence and the weight upper limit that reduce a passenger to consign baggage freely besides separator ticket besides, still was increased the rate of a series of special services, for example: To the age interpose comes 11 years old at 5 years old, the condition that accompanies in nobody leaves the children that enplanes alone, the expropriation of superintendency cost the standard rises from 40 former yuan reach 60 yuan. Charge detail can refer to the website that add ship ( .

According to the report, this is after adding aviation afterwards to adopt airline ticket to sum the way to deal with a situation of valence this month, the another act that reduces flight cost. Add boat to try to consign the weight of baggage freely through cutting down a passenger, in order to reduce the carring capacity burden of the plane. Afore-mentioned new regulations are applied to this month 29 day or order a ticket later, will be in on October 12 or the passenger that sets out later.
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