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Set out from England or the portable baggage notice of a favourable turn
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Set out from England or require the passenger points for attention in British a favourable turn

Ask an attention, as a result of many baggage stockpile Yu Lundui hopes Si Lu airport, baggage reprints the service of add Cheng airliner automatically to already paused now. If the passenger needs to be in London a favourable turn, the airline bar that needs in add Cheng airliner place is belonged to consigns baggage afresh. This temporarily measure general from August 23, 2006 become effective, reach in order to ensure the baggage have a change of luck of airport of rare Si Lu is reliable smooth.

Early before carry out to the airliner place that sets out from British airport " forbid to carry portable baggage " limitation already relaxed on August 15, 2006. This regulation applies to all passengers that set out from British airport to reach go to in order to be before British airport a favourable turn the passenger of any other destination.

Newest portable baggage restricts as follows:
- every passenger is portable a bulk is not more than 45 centimeters (long) X 35 centimeter (broad) X 16 centimeter (tall) (17.7 吋 X 13.7 吋 of 吋 X 6.2) portable baggage boards the plane, the weight of portable baggage should not exceed 7 kilograms.
- prohibit carrying any liquids to board the plane. Liquid definition includes any gel kind agent of the object, mushy object, object of lacteal frostlike powder, caky shape, sparge and the article that deposit in order to compress container if toothpaste, fixature, beverage, syrup and perfume) .
- lighter can not consign baggage with park inside or bring course baggage to check toll-gate. The passenger can be bought within airport forbidden zone.

Portable the following article shows inside portable baggage:
- electronic instrument includes camera of phone of going from place to place, number and MP3 to broadcast device (for example IPod) ;
- need on the airliner reach enough prescription medicines and medical treatment article, and this medicaments must is via the proof clear without bogus;
- grandma kind reach infantile food (the liquid inside bottle must by try drink along with traveller guest) ;
- the passenger must take out portable computer from inside bag check in order to accept X light;
- the passenger is portable already the infantile barrow that X light checks and aid row implement or the wheelchair of already detailed examination;
- article of all the others, for example food of the key, fob, cash, solid, book, newspaper, cigarette and tobacco, must inside the transparent glue bag that park place offers. Notice the passenger may be reached by search the person of security personnel staff please be taken off by the requirement next shoe check in order to make X light.

Active maintain about the limitation that consigns baggage changeless.
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