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Take wine kind need what to regulation abide by by plane?
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Whenever festival, wine is to visit one's family the nice gift that visits friend, but concerned branch is right passenger by plane when carry wine kind have special provision, cannot take wine to board the plane casually namely. Understand these regulations to be able to help a passenger reduce a lot of needless troubles.

Civil aviaton installs check branch to be as follows to carrying the relevant provision of wine: Dialogue wine executes set limit to to carry, below normal circumstance, allow each carry 2 kilograms; Lubricious wine can do portable baggage to carry, but the boot bulk of full-dress color wine must not exceed 20 × 40 × 55cm, the weight of boot must not exceed 5 kilograms; With plastic bottle or plastic crock full-dress bulk wine forbids to carry. As a result of wine kind pack it is glass service commonly, very easy and broken, carrying so when seizing the opportunity, civil aviaton branch prohibits be being put in the baggage that make use to make use absolutely, allow hand lead by hand to take only. If the passenger is carried wine kind violate afore-mentioned regulations, the airport installs check personnel to be able to allow its return processing of passenger proper motion, or give according to concerned regulation processing of mechanism of civil aviaton public security.

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